About Us

Beach Breaks NJ was created under the simple concept that everyone needs a break, especially parents and grandparents trying to enjoy themselves at the beach. Harriton High School student Matthew Moskow, the founder of Beach Breaks, was inspired to create the service after spending his 2020 and 2021 Summers teaching children the fundamentals of basketball in the Ventnor/Margate/Longport area. For many of his younger clients, Matthew often noticed the same two trends:

  1. "Teaching" the children basketball often resulted in babysitting them on a basketball court.

  2. While dropping the children off, regardless of the time of day, the parents were visibly tired. While picking them up, they looked and felt rejuvenated.

These two observations led Matthew to a groundbreaking conclusion: Parents. Need. Breaks.

Parents come to the shore to relax, and beach breaks allow you to do so in a safe, responsible, and guilt-free way.